Our maintenance and support services are provided for the major versions of our products. As part of the maintenance cycle, the major versions receive a number of minor updates focusing on enhancing existing basic product features and providing limited new features, as well as remedying bugs. Interfaces are only extended in a way that ensures they remain compatible, or modified in the case of problems.

What's more, advanced support (LTS – Long-Term Support) can be purchased for the major versions. This provides updates for serious security loopholes and includes minor maintenance for KIX Pro versions where the mainstream support has been discontinued.

KIX in Version 18

During the 6th user conference in November 2018, we presented the new version of our KIX product range, comprising KIX Start, KIX Pro, and KIX Cloud. It provides all key basic features for enabling you to work more efficiently and increase service quality – straight out of the box. 

KIX Cloud always contains the latest KIX Pro version as the basis to ensure it is always covered by the mainstream support. The releases are published regularly every 6 to 8 weeks. The update service, which is included, imports them automatically into the respective clouds, which eliminates the need for manual imports.

We will continuously expand the range of features over the coming months and add a host of features for IT service.

A selection of new features from recent releases for KIX in version 18 are listed here:


  • ITIL practice "Monitoring & Event Management"
    • System monitoring integration extended → when an event occurs from system monitoring, a search for the affected asset is automatically carried out in the affected CMDB (asset database)
    • Automatism can also be controlled via the REST interface or via a ticket created in the SSP
    • Configuration in SysConfig via search for "* TicketAutoLinkConfigItem *"
  • Customizable widget tables in dashboards (KIX Start / Pro / Cloud)
    • Self-configuration of the columns displayed in dashboard widgets and the behavior of the respective dashlets
    • Selection of the columns to be displayed and optional display as an icon
    • Deactivation / activation of column filters, sortability, fixing of the first column
  • Dynamic Field Type "Table" (KIX Start / Pro / Cloud)
    • Collection and processing of lists of similar entries (e.g. for orders, inventories)
    • The entire field content can be used as a placeholder in text modules or notifications
  • OAuth registration for receiving and sending mail (KIX Start / Pro / Cloud)
    • Connection of e-mail accounts from MS Office 365 using OAuth authentication
  • Relative time search (KIX Start / Pro / Cloud)
    • ​​​​​​​both in "Search" in the GUI and in "Filters" such as jobs, actions, notifications
  • Automation Macro Action "CreateOrUpdateAsset" (KIX Pro / Cloud)
    • ​​​​​​​Application for the integration of the ConfigItem & Asset Management in the process processing
    • no more manual processing of the affected asset(s)
    • less extensive authorizations for access to CMDB data → lower risks for incorrect data
  • Map display (OSM) in the team dashboard (KIX Pro)
    • ​​​​​​​for efficient planning of field service assignments and avoidance of unnecessary travel times
  • Others and bugfixing

KIX in Version 17

KIX in Version 17 for expert IT service is available as KIX Start (the community version) and as KIX Pro (the business solution). In addition to offering comprehensive management of service jobs and Service Level Agreements (SLA), its features also include many services for efficient support during service provision. KIX Pro in Version 17 is quick to implement and can be supplemented with numerous add-on features.

Alongside our work to enhance KIX in version 18, we will provide support for KIX in version 17 with new features and bug fixes, up to and including 2023.

A selection of new features from recent releases for KIX in version 17 are listed here:


  • KIX:

    • OAuth2 for mail delivery and collection
    • Improved display of the content of dynamic fields of the type "attachment"
    • Optimierung des Adminbereichs für Dynamische Felder
    • Revision of the third-party libraries
      • Please note: SysConfig keys that were manually adjusted AFTER installing KIX may have to be reset (Errors are expressed, for example, by AJAX errors or missing JavaScript files)
  • KIX Pro:

    • New dynamic field type "table"
    • Display of PDFs in the article bar as a preview


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