KIX compatibility (version 18)

In KIX, the installation process is much simpler as the software is installed using pre-configured Docker containers. In other words, KIX supplies its own operating environment and database.

This makes it easier to use the software on different operating systems, since the key aspect for the host environment is simply that a compatible and executable Docker version has been provided. That's why we recommend checking whether your planned host environment supports the use of Docker before installing KIX.

In order to use KIX, you will need version 20.x of Docker and Docker Compose 2.1.

Instructions for subsequently installing the KIX Docker containers using Linux/MacOS/Windows:

Further information is also available in the KIX forum.

We recommend the following operating systems/environments as the host environments for KIX:

You can find detailed installation instructions online in our administration documentation.

KIX client: Agent portal

Supported browsers (JavaScript activated)     Versions
Mozilla Firefox103+
MS Edge (Chromium-based)101+


KIX client: Self Service Portal

Supported browsers (JavaScript activated)     Versions
Mozilla Firefox103+
MS Edge (Chromium-based)101+


Field Agent App

Supported operating system (smartphone)     Versions


For the initial setup of KIX, we have provided a guide in our forum.

Compatibility KIX (Version 17)

Please note that support for KIX version 17 will expire at the end of 2023. You can find more information about this on our roadmap.

Supported operating systemMySQLMariaDBPostgreSQL
Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish) 10.512.x
Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) 10.312.2
Debian 12 (bookworm) 10.1115.3
Debian 11 (Bullseye) 10.513.3
Debian 10 (Buster) 10.311.0
CentOS Stream 10.310.19
Rocky Linux 8.4 10.310.17
RHEL 8.4 (Ootpa) 10.310.17
RHEL 9 10.513.7
SLES 12 SP5 10.210.12
SLES 15 SP4 10.614.5
AlmaLinux 10.510.7

The operating system-specific installation instructions can be found online in our administration documentation.

Supported browsers (JavaScript activated)     Versions
Mozilla Firefox76+
MS Internet Explorer11
MS Edge (Chromium-based)81


In order to use KIX, we recommend Perl as from version 5.10. The source code for KIX Start (version 17) can be found on github, which is publicly accessible.


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