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Regardless of the industry or the size of the company - with KIX you bring structure and system into your service management.

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KIX Service Software

Networking, globalization and digitization are the hallmarks of today. With the extensive functions of our open source software KIX, we offer you the right solution for optimizing your IT and technical service processes.

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+ KIX Cloud

Processing faults, complaints, inquiries

Management of devices/assets in the KIX device database

Use of individual fields for additional information

e.g. for use in ticket dialogs

Integration of sidebars for enhanced functionality

Knowledge database/FAQs

Integrated reporting

Provision of dashboards

Multi-language functionality

Configurable reporting form for website integration

Self Service Portal for customers and employees

Mapping of job management

For internal users as well as external service providers and suppliers

Use of conversation guides

For creating tickets in the agent portal and Self Service Portal



Flexible notification functions

Depending on the ticket status

Processing of widespread incidents

Searching through file attachments

Provision of computation functions within and with individual fields

System can be configured to clear individual fields automatically

Mapping of approval processes

Such as vacations, orders, releases, etc. incl. use of templates


Extensive process management

E.g. when onboarding new employees

Use of text modules – inline

Use of text modules – sidebar

Use of simple checklists

Configuration of structured checklists

Multiple checklists can be saved per ticket

Display of tickets in the KIX calendar

Incident management

Certified by Serview

Problem management

Certified by Serview

Request fulfillment

Certified by Serview

Event management

Certified by Serview

Change management

Certified by Serview

Access management

Certified by Serview

Service asset and configuration management

Certified by Serview

Knowledge management

Certified by Serview

Financial management for IT service

Certified by Serview

Information security management

Certified by Serview

Service reporting

Certified by Serview

Service catalog management

Certified by Serview

Service level management

Certified by Serview

Pre-configured ITIL processes

Chargeable add-on module

Suitable for medium-sized and large IT environments

Optimized device database


Explorer view for devices / assets

Integration of remote management tools, scripting

Ability to configure any number of device classes

Link graph function

To map dependencies between multiple devices / assets

Change report on unplanned changes to devices / assets

Creation of tickets, status tracking

Display of FAQs and device information

Integration of a form for creating tickets in external customer web portals

Ticket management using the Kanban Board

Chargeable add-on module

Personal Kanban

Personal Kanban

Provision of KPI Dashboards

Chargeable add-on module

Planning and implementation of maintenance work

Chargeable add-on module

Documentation of maintenance work

Chargeable add-on module

Anonymization of archive data

Chargeable add-on module

Inventory (automated device inventory)

Chargeable add-on module

Pre-configured ITSM standard workflows

Chargeable add-on module

Telephone integration (CTI)

Chargeable add-on module

Recording of working time for tickets (simple)

Chargeable add-on module

Security management

By connecting the ISMS tool verinice.PRO supplied by SerNet

Chargeable add-on module

Can be extended in many ways using customer specific enhancements

Connection of third-party systems

Standard configuration for web services

Chargeable add-on module

Ticket processing app that can be used offline (Field Agent App)

Chargeable add-on module

Chargeable add-on module

Amendment of menu designations

Fully functional REST interface

Detailed authorization concept

supports multi-tenancy

Ability to configure all dialogs and screens

Separate tenants

Macros that can be configured as desired

Generic agents

For tickets only

For tickets only


Comprehensive import and export options

Frontend and backend server can be installed separately

Authentification of AD and LDAP connection

Synchronization of users and contact data from AD and LDAP

Single-Sign-On available


E-mail and telephone

25% discount for participation in the admin standard training incl.

Support from the KIX forum

Add-on features

In order to make your service system multifunctional and even more efficient, we offer a large number of expansion functions and modules.
Workflows are tailored to your industry and your individual needs simplified, standardized and clearer.

The service is getting better and more cost-effective while increasing the quality at the same time.

The benefits to you


Whether your engineers are in-house at their workstations, out in the field, or working offline in the basement:
KIX provides all the information they need to process their jobs without delay.


When it comes to IT service, KIX enables you to comply with the requirements of ITIL, ISO 27001, and the IT baseline protection standard from the German Federal Office for Information Security. KIX ensures that you meet the requirements for technical maintenance management.


KIX handles your service jobs in a structured workflow and makes it possible to assess and measure them – so you can invoice them correctly. KIX underpins your ideal service-based business model of the future.

Training courses & webcasts

We regularly offer training courses and webcasts on selected topics relating to the professional use of our KIX service management software. Training courses that are individually tailored to your needs are also no problem for us. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

What our customers say

It's quite simple – KIX saves us both time and energy. It's quick to use, so you realistically only need a couple of days to implement it. It's also good for those on a budget, plus – and I can't stress this enough – the support is first-rate. The team provides quick, straightforward, and honest answers to our questions.

Philipp Raschdorff, Service Coordinator, Globits


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