The add-on features for KIX Pro and KIX Cloud enable you to tailor the
service software to your specific workflows.


The add-on features for KIX Pro and
KIX Cloud enable you to tailor the
service software to your specific workflows.


The quick and easy way to provide technical customer service while on the go. Whether you're dealing with a technical problem or maintenance work: Switch over to paperless documentation and save both time and money.


  • Online and offline processing of service jobs
  • Management using clear checklists
  • Automatic time measurement
  • Save photos and work notes
  • Confirmation through customer signature


Visualize your tasks with our digital, customizable post-it wall. Note down the task, categorize it, done.

  • Optimal planning of assignments and tasks
  • Availability and workload of employees can be viewed at a glance at all times


Use this maintenance module to import and synchronize your inventory data in the KIX Pro device database (CMDB).

  • Changes can be identified at any time, change ticket is created automatically
  • Data can be transferred manually or automatically
  • Various options for the back-end: opsi, baramundi, or generic DB back-end


Take advantage of established workflow configurations that have proven their worth in service organizations.

  • Can be used and customized immediately after package installation
  • Pre-configurations for problem, incident/incident disaster, service request, information request, standard RfC


Save time and money by minimizing downtime.

  • Maintenance jobs for man and machine are handled by the system
  • Can handle recurring maintenance and maintenance based upon reaching certain thresholds
  • Templates and contracts can be saved for paperless documentation
  • Clear presentation of all events in the calendar


Create statistics at the touch of a button, and use the predefined dashboards to help you analyze practical KPIs.

  • Interactive dashboard shows the key performance indicators
  • Analyses handled using the familiar Office environment
  • Save time when reporting information


KIX transmits data to and receives data from other systems, ensuring a seamless exchange of information.

  • Exchange of data between various systems via back-ends through pre-configured web services
  • KIX2JIRA, KIX2KIX, KIX2i-doit, KIX2baramundi, KIX2VMware AirWatch are included in delivery


You can use this module to directly record the work time incurred, including outsourced/third-party services. It is simple to configure the posting of hours to cost centers, service contracts, or project contracts.

  • The customer's budget is displayed, and an export function is provided for work records
  • The ERP interface enables the posted services to be transferred to the Accounting department


Take advantage of extensive configuration options for complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

  • Automatic anonymization of tickets (age and status can be configured) and defined data on cases and history
  • It becomes impossible to link the information back to individual people


Security management and IT service can be deployed to best effect by seamlessly linking an ISMS tool with KIX.

  • Centralized management of security measures in KIX Pro
  • Comparison of the device data with the information management system (ISMS) verinice.PRO (SerNet)
  • Full, up-to-date documentation for security audits
  • In order to use this add-on feature you need at least verinice.PRO 1.16 and KIX Pro 17.3.


The simple way to handle telephone communications with customers: Callers are identified automatically, and calls can be made directly from within the workflow with a simple click.

  • Management of inbound and outbound calls
  • Clear presentation of information in the CTI Manager interface


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