KIX Field Agent App

Privacy Policy

KIX Field Agent App may collect the user's location data to report his/her current position to the KIX Service Management System to which the user is logged in. This occurs only, when the feature is enabled. Purpose of this geo-tracking is to enable your service desk team to dispatch those field agents who are currently located nearest to a place of action. The app transmits the location even when running in background.

Location tracking can be disabled by the user her-/himself. This can be done in the app itself or by denying location tracking permissions. Please note that none of this sensitive privacy information is shared with anyone other than your own KIX service management system. Please contact this party if you have any request regarding further use of your personal information. c.a.p.e. IT as the provider of the app does not receive any of the information. 

Finally, please note that the app provides a switch to disable/enable analytics, which is disabled by default. The purpose of this feature is to report device information such as manufacture, model and operating system in order to gather information about the usage of the app and potential improvements or issue analysis. This information is submitted to c.a.p.e. IT as the provider of the app. This information is not linked to any personal information.

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