KIX Field Agent App v1.5.0


KIX Field Agent App v1.5.0


We are also constantly developing our KIX Field Agent App, which is indispensable for the effective and mobile work of your field staff. We would like to inform you about the currently implemented release version 1.5.0, which is now available to you.

Registration & Time Recording


After an incorrect login, all data of the app can be reset. This also includes the memorised server URL.

KIX Field Agent - Login reset
KIX Field Agent - time accounting

Time recording:

Time recording can now be done optionally at tickets if required. For this, a dynamic field with the name "TimeAccountingRequired" must exist and contain the value "no".

If the field is not present, not set or set with a different value, the app behaves as before. If the field is set with the value "no", the app will not automatically start time recording on the ticket as soon as a note is created. Optionally, it is still possible to make a free time booking.

The task description of a time booking can now be set with the contents of notes with the same customer visibility. Alternatively, a number of default values can be used (en/de):

  • travel time
  • processed as noted
  • processed as specified
  • see checklists
  • see work notes

›› You can find detailed information on this in the KIX Forum.


  • Offline mode
    • The switch between offline and online mode has been revised, sporadically occurring errors when switching to offline mode have been fixed.
    • First and last name of the logged-in app user at ticket closure are now also pre-filled in offline mode.  
  • API level 31 (Android):
    • The Android version now supports API level 31.
  • Various corrections: 
    • When setting the waiting time, the same time zone is now used as when setting schedule start and schedule end times (UTC).
    • Checklists assigned after accepting the ticket are now editable.
    • A missing query when deleting ticket drafts has been added.  
    • The organisation comment is now also displayed in the detailed view of the organisation.
    • A separate window is now available for viewing the work report when a ticket is closed.  
  • Platform-specific corrections Android:
    • The QR code reader is now not only activated after switching the camera, but directly.
    • The value "pending" Checklist Completion evaluates "pending" as complete.

Roadmap & update notice

The next KIX Field Agent release is scheduled for Q3/2023. It will include, among other things, the creation of tickets to devices/assets as well as the listing and transfer of unblocked tickets of others from "My Teams".

The new German language localisations of this release will be delivered by KIX 18 with the upcoming version v28. Until then, some strings will not yet be displayed localised. If necessary, these can be entered manually in advance in the admin interface of KIX. However, we recommend waiting for the v28 update and temporarily working with the English-language terms.

The KIX Field Agent App can be downloaded from the
Apple App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android).


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