The ITSM software KIX has now received another add-on with the latest update - the maintenance planner. More than 20 companies and organisations are already planning to use the new feature.

The add-on implements a tool for reminding, planning and documenting maintenance in KIX. The use cases mainly relate to preventive/preventive maintenance for periodic tasks in the areas of ITSM and Technical Service.


With the maintenance planner, users can now plan the maintenance and servicing of their technical equipment in the long term. All responsible employees or service teams have access to all necessary documents for a measure at any time with the module. Afterwards, they can store their work steps, detected defects and any necessary service orders directly in the system. The maintenance planner thus not only ensures complete documentation, but also reduces costs and time, as downtimes can be reduced through forward planning.

The maintenance planner can be individually configured and thus used in very different areas - from the maintenance of large machines in industrial plants to technical equipment in hospitals. Field staff can also access and edit the automatically created maintenance tickets on the go with the KIX Field Agent app. The app has an offline mode so that this is also possible, for example, when working in basements without reception. The data synchronises as soon as there is a connection again.

Exemplary application scenarios:

  • Planning, execution and documentation of maintenance
  • Reminder/renewal of contracts, certificates, permits and statutory inspection periods, e.g.
    • Regular inspections for real estate (e.g. roof maintenance)
    • Regular inspections for mobile and stationary equipment (e.g. vehicles, machines, lifting platforms)
  • Automatic creation of task descriptions and maintenance orders
  • Digital equipment logbook/object life history
  • Display of non-availability of equipment

›› You can find detailed information on this in the KIX Forum and in our KIX documentation.

Torsten Thau, Product Owner KIX 18, KIX Service Software GmbH

Great feature, smooth implementation

"We started implementing the maintenance planner in April 2023. The fact that we can now release the new Add-on after less than half a year was really a great team effort. Not only from KIX colleagues, but also from companies that supported us with feedback and ideas.

We could already see that there is a lot of interest in the new feature through conversations at our user conference KIXCONF."

Torsten Thau, Product Owner KIX 18, KIX Service Software GmbH


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