KIX Field Agent App v1.2.5


We are also constantly developing our KIX Field Agent App, which is essential for the effective and mobile work of your field staff. We would like to inform you here about the currently implemented release versions 1.2.4 and 1.2.5 that are now available to you.

KIX Field Agent App v1.2.5

When editing a checklist with several text attributes in a checklist level, entries were previously lost.

This input behavior has been corrected with this release.

In the figure (left) such fields are shown as "Reading1" and "Reading2" and the entries subordinate to a checklist status as "Reading3.x".

KIX Field Agent App v1.2.4

In this release, the focus was primarily on correcting error states in order to improve and further optimize usability for the user.

The following bug fixes have been resolved:

  • App cannot be used after the error message "Upload size exceeded"
  • Change of plan data in "Flight mode" is not possible
  • Only partial display of action buttons in small displays
  • Cancel at transfer of risk accepts order
  • Ticket detail view does not notice change to flight mode (fixed in iOS, yet not in Android)
  • Use of the app in WiFi with proxy (fixed in Android, not yet in iOS)
  • Note when canceling other timing incomprehensible
  • Icon reminder is Flutter Icon (Android)

Extensions and maintenance:

For Android, an alignment to API Level 30 was required, which we successfully implemented. A small extension was introduced in preparation for KIX 18 and not directly visible.

This makes it possible to use multi-line text entries in checklists. This means that the expansion can now be carried out in KIX itself and used in the future.


The next major release of the KIX Field Agent App v1.3.x will appear in Q1 / 2022 and include access to device data in the asset database (without ticket reference) as well as further usability improvements.

The KIX Field Agent App can be downloaded from the
Apple App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android).


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The mandatory fields marked with * are essential for establishing contact.