Portrait Vincent Wehner - BA-Student bei KIX




Vincent Wehner is in his fifth semester at Dresden University of Cooperative Education. He is completing a dual degree in business informatics and has chosen KIX Service Software as his practical partner. When he finishes, he will not only have an academic degree in his hand, but also plenty of practical experience.

He already knows the company almost as well as an old hand. In our interview, he tells us how he likes the start to his career at KIX.

Dear Vincent, for many young people, choosing a degree course is a challenge. Was it the same for you?

To be honest, my decision had been clear for some time. I first came across business informatics at an information day at school. And this course immediately appealed to me because it combines two areas that I am very interested in: Business and computer science. And I also liked the option of a dual study program because I enjoy practical work. After graduating from high school and a year of federal voluntary service, I ended up at Dresden University of Cooperative Education.


With a smooth transition to KIX?

Yes, so to speak. I started my studies during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, so most of the events took place online. One of them was an online speed dating session with the practice partners, each lasting 15 minutes. In any case, I had a very good impression of KIX after the interview and was obviously able to score a few points myself. We agreed pretty quickly afterwards to give it a try together.


And what were the first few days like?

I really couldn't have imagined a better welcome. Not just in terms of the team, but also the induction. I started in the Testing and Product Management department. There I was able to work directly on the software. That helped me a lot to get to grips with the topic - what KIX is and what it can do.


What other areas did you experience and where did you like it best?

Over the last two years, I've got to know pretty much the whole company. I worked in marketing, software development and administration. Later, I also worked in sales, consulting, support and infrastructure. I found all areas exciting, but support, sales and administration were my favorites. Especially because of the customer contact and the integration into the business processes.


Have practice and studies complemented each other well so far?

Absolutely. Every semester I spend three months at work and three months at university. And at the end of each semester I had to write a practical assignment related to the company. There was never a shortage of exciting topics, and all my colleagues were there to help and advise me. I would like to write my Bachelor's thesis on business process management.

How do you like working with KIX and with open source systems in general?

I really enjoy working with KIX. If I had to develop ITSM software, it would probably look the same (laughs). KIX is very comprehensive, but at the same time clear, intuitive and easy to understand, even for newcomers. I hadn't had much to do with open source before, I only really got to know it here. But I think the company's commitment to it and the opportunities for interaction with the community are great.

And what are your plans for the future?

The next big goal is my bachelor's thesis. Until then, I'm still looking forward to the great collaboration with the team at KIX and, above all, being able to contribute to the company's success. I'm excited to see what the future holds. KIX has definitely prepared me well and given me a lot of self-confidence for the start of my career. And if I get an offer to continue working here, I certainly wouldn't say no.


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