Preview on 2019

Following the publication of KIX 18 Alpha at the 6th User Conference in November 2018, two milestones are firmly anchored in our plans for 2019 and KIX 18. For quarter 2/2019 we plan to release KIX 18 Early Bird and in quarter 4/2019 the release of the Staples version of KIX 18 is announced.

For the major release KIX 18 a complete GUI redesign is done. This was implemented in close cooperation with the employees of the Usability Laboratory of the TU Chemnitz. [Nbsp] With the new work surfaces, the bridge between the worlds of IT service in the classic ITIL environment and the industrial service in the production area and the building management.  
At the same time, we are revising the internal architecture of the application so that KIX is fit for the future.

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Releases for KIX 17

Additional Feature Release 17.5 and 17.6 are coming

Due to many inquiries from our customers, we decided to put together two more feature releases. Both 17.5 and 17.6 are planned for the year 2019 - parallel to the further work on KIX 18.


Previous feature enhancements in the 2017er framework

The following feature enhancements have been incorporated into each feature release of KIX and KIX Professional 2017.

Feature-Release 17.4

  • Full-text search is now also possible for selected document types of attachments
  • In order to implement data protection requirements, it is now possible to delete the content of dynamic fields after a certain time
  • password granting configuration options have been extended (for example, locking for x bad logins, forcing password reset after x days, and complexity of the password)
  • Conversation guides can now also be made available for ticket creation in the customer portal
  • When choosing a representative (for example, for holidays), the permissions of the person to be represented can now be inherited
  • Calculations can now be performed with dynamic fields
  • the new Bugtracker provides an overview of the implemented bugs


Feature-Release 2017.3

  • Focus: ticket processing, postmaster filter
  • Toolbar functionality, tickets with checklist tasks
  • Notifications for 'read-only agents'
  • Answer templates can be designed more freely

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Feature-Release 2017.2

  • selective optimization of process management
  • Implementation of the device logbook u.a. for technical service area in the hospital environment as well as maintenance / servicing
  • Collection action on tickets and CIs across multiple pages
  • Transfer of an info to workflow ticket after task completion

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Feature-Release 2017.1

  • Rights for "Edit Article" (ArticleCopyMoveDelete)
  • Manipulate ticket checklists via GenericAgent
  • EventHandler for transferring value to linked tickets
  • CustomerUser & CustomerCompany expandable by Dynamic Fields
  • Dynamic fields of type Attachment and Richtext (HTML)
  • Process management: Grouping of input fields in activity dialogs as well as multi-line display of dynamic fields
  • Select all checkbox in the maintenance documentation form

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The overview of all implemented bug fixes can you find here.