Releases in 2017

KIX 2017 and KIX Professional 2017

At this year's CeBIT 2017 we will present our new versions KIX 2017 and KIX Professional 2017. In addition to many new features, we are pleased to present the following new extensions:

  • Revision and standardization of the overview page in the Self Service Portal
  • Provide an installer for using KIX and KIX Professional on Microsoft Windows systems
  • Provision of a public portal front-end for integration into foreign systems
    (e. g. corporate intranets, ticketing and ticket tracking)
  • Integration of a questionnaire module to support the help desk in the form of a conversation guide at ticketing
  • Extension of the CMDB functionalities to the introduction of baseline CIs (target / actual comparison of CI attributes)
  • Optimize the collection activities of CIs in the CMDB
In the course of the year's functional releases for KIX 2017 and KIX Professional 2017, many features are implemented which include work in the ticket process (e. g. dealing with text blocks) and CMDB maintenance (eg providing a device logbook for the structured , Configurable output of CI information).


Release notes for KIX 2016

For KIX and KIX Professional 2016, we are also providing bugfix releases for bug fixes in 2017. The release cycle is 2 months, the release date for the first bugfix release is 03.02.2017.

The error corrections are available until the end of 2017. For further details, please refer to the KIX and KIX Professional - Roadmap and Release Planning.


Releases in 2016

Retrospect - View at the feature releases in 2016

The function release for KIX 2016 and / or KIX Professional 2016 included, among other things, following extensions:

  • Complementation of the self-service portal by a display of the customer-specific devices (CIs) and device details
  • Translation of the services in the frontend
  • Further unification of the central allocation of dynamic fields, among others for the Self Service forms
  • Extension of the TemplateGenerator to include placeholders for service names
  • Expansion of translations in the card reader "process management"
  • Consolidate the article editing, moving and deleting functions in one single article action
  • Calendar for clear display of ticket dates (response time, recovery time, due date, etc.)

KIX 2016 und KIX Professional 2016

The release of KIX 2016 took place in April 2016. The product includes the basic software KIX4OTRS 8 and OTRS 5 plus over 20 packages which we offered separately as single OPM files as extensions of OTRS (examples: ITSM-CIAttributeCollection, DynamicFieldITSMConfigItem, DynamicFieldRemoteDB, KIXSidebarTools, TemplateX, ExternalSupplierForwarding, BPMX, HidePendingTimeInput, TicketPrintRichtext, QueuesGroupsRoles). Administrator was forced to install all additional packages manually. Many of the additional packages were offered as free software directly at c.a.p.e. IT's website and at OTRS Package Archive to the worldwide community. KIX 2016 includes all these packages as a complete solution, so there is no need to install and update single packages manually.

KIX Professional 2016, which is based on KIX 2016, includes additional functionalities like order management, optimized administration of service catalogues and SLAs, management of widespread incidents, optimized CMDB for mid-sized and complex environments and a CMDB explorer including CMDB dashboard.

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geplante KIX-Releases in 2016


Further additional modules and additional software bundles can be implemented easily: 

  • KIX Professional MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) – Suite for the technical service among all for industry and logistics

  • KIX Professional ITSM (IT Service Management) – Suite for the ITIL compatible IT service

  • KIX Professional HC (Health Care) – Suite for the technical service tailored for the health care institutions

KIX Professional MRO will be released as stable version in October 2016. The bundles for ITSM and HC will be available at the end of the year 2016.




KIX and KIX Professional - Roadmap and Release plan

As for the future – Release Plan

Based on KIX, you have two versions of it: KIX and KIX Professional. The difference affects the range of functions and the maintenance services. KIX is for free. For KIX Professional you need to pay a subscription fee.

KIX will be released once a year (major release) with functional innovation and improvements of its software core. The major releases are KIX 2016, KIX 2017, and so on, where the year marks the version. The major releases will be introduced at the end of the first quarter of every year.

Every second month, bugfix release or minor release are planned. Bugfix releases correct possible software bugs. Minor releases include smaller functional improvements, which enhance the relevant major version of the software. Therefore, three bugfix releases and three functional software improvements are planned per year for the relevant major release of KIX.


Beispiel Releaseplan KIX

Additionally, the updates and upgrades follow (half) automatically, which makes it easier to change the current standard software version to the newer version without problems. The update and upgrade mechanism is available and integrated in the OS-relevant package manager.

Every major release gets two years of support: functional improvements and bugfixing are included in the first year, bugfixing without further functional improvements in the second year.

KIX Professional can be converted into a system with individual Long Term Support (LTS) by booking an additional LTS Bugfixing offer. This extends the lifetime of the full version individually beyond the normal two years.


next releases



KIX and KIX Professional - The time has come...

The Fork - KIX

Photo: Daniel Stricker,

Based on KIX4OTRS 8, which requires OTRS 5, KIX has been introduced as a software fork (split). The technology combination is an intermediate step for all OTRS/KIX4OTRS users and partners and allows a mild transition from the previous combination to KIX. Therefore, the fork takes place in two phases from the technical point of view.

The split was necessary, because we had more than 200 feature requests for KIX4OTRS from over 2000 installations worldwide. The feature requests couldn't have been developed due to the strong dependance on OTRS. Even if KIX4OTRS promoted innovation, the development of the OTRS-based software seemed to be kept in the traffic jam at the innovation level.

KIX has the same open source licence as OTRS and KIX4OTRS, it's GNU AGPL V3.


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Looking back at KIX4OTRS

The c.a.p.e. IT has been developing the former core product KIX4OTRS since 2008. It became the most powerful community module and it is in use worldwide. The latest version of KIX4OTRS, 8, has been introduced in January 2016 and it's the last version of the module. It is compatible with OTRS 5. 

KIX4OTRS 8 will be maintained and supported until the end of 2018. No further active functional developments are planned.

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