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We offer a range of add-on features to make your service system as versatile and efficient as possible. They make your work processes simpler and clearer and enable statistical analyses at the touch of a button – all tailored to your industry and your specific needs.

The benefits to you


Whether your engineers are in-house at their workstations, out in the field, or working offline in the basement:
KIX provides all the information they need to process their jobs without delay.


When it comes to IT service, KIX enables you to comply with the requirements of ITIL, ISO 27001, and the IT baseline protection standard from the German Federal Office for Information Security. KIX ensures that you meet the requirements for technical maintenance management.


KIX handles your service jobs in a structured workflow and makes it possible to assess and measure them – so you can invoice them correctly. KIX underpins your ideal service-based business model of the future.

What our customers say

It's quite simple – KIX saves us both time and energy. It's quick to use, so you realistically only need a couple of days to implement it. It's also good for those on a budget, plus – and I can't stress this enough – the support is first-rate. The team provides quick, straightforward, and honest answers to our questions.

Philipp Raschdorff, Service Coordinator, Globits


Want to find out more? Watch our videos to see how KIX works and where you can use our software!



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