KIX is the new standard for servicedesk. The software is open source and based on the own development path of OTRS 5. You decide whether KIX should run on-premise (in-house) or in a cloud. KIX supports following areas: IT service, technical service, maintenance and repair, customer service

KIX can be implemented quickly and therefore, it is fit for service for your team.

management of inventory

  • documentation, administration and overview of technical equipment, hardware, network and software incl. licences

incident management

  • documentation and processing of reported incidents


  • statistics and analysis of KPI for targeted information towards your management board

workflow management

  • support and monitoring of processes and proceeding of requests
  • ITIL-conform IT servicedesk offers a standardized process quality

With KIX, a simple start into the world of service management is achieved. It is the ideal basis for the organization and service business to grow with the system.