We look for CTI pilot customers (integration of Siemens-, Cisco- or Avaya-phone systems with KIX4OTRS)

OTRS Zusatzmodul CTI4KIX - Integration mit Telefonanlagen

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) is an important issue in all service areas, where the communication via phone is intensive and important. CTI makes the communication with the customers easier to all service agents, because dialing of a phone number is automatically started with one click. If a phone number and a customer data set are matched, then it's possible to click at the phone number, which is displayed in the ticket data automatically.

Unfortunately, there is no unified CTI interface, and the available TAPI protocoll among all in the Windows environment is not always the same - it changes in dependance of the telephone system and vendor. We would like to close the gap, at least for the selected phone systems of Siemens, Cisco or Avaya.

If you are interested to be a part of our pilot project and test the integration, please contact our sales team.

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