Releases: KIX4OTRS 4.3 for OTRS 3.1 and free community modules for OTRS

Our new KIX4OTRS 4.3 is free to download. The new version has been presented during the CeBIT in Hannover and Linux Days in Chemnitz. We got a very good feedback to the extended range of functionalities we developed to make the daily work with service management tool easier:

  • quick-link-function: you can quickly link objects by using autocomplete functionality within the ticket tab linked objects
  • configuration of individual search templates as virtual queue and as a widget in your agent dashboard
  • individual and temporary marking of articles as for example ToDo and displaying of all marked articles as dashboard plugin
  • dynamic KIX-Sidebar
  • re-using of article attachments within your e-mail communication
  • autocomplete while searching for ticket number during merging of tickets
  • download of all article attachments at once as Zip-File
  • displaying or not-displaying of dynamic fields in accordance with ticket workflow (based on ticket state) or/and ticket type

Thanks to the further optimization in the KIXCore, our customers can reach the improvement of performance up to 60% towards the older versions. Better recognition of extern ticket numbers is also included in the KIX4OTRS 4.3.

KIX4OTRS for OTRS 3.2 is already in the porting state. We'll inform you about the release date via our newsletter.

Further OTRS-Community-Modules

We have also developed and published free community modules ArticleCopyMoveDelete and ITSM-CIAttributeCollection for OTRS 3.2. ImportExport-Extensions for OTRS 3.2 were published weeks ago already. You can download them all for free from our website and from the OPAR site. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Download further OTRS-modules

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