Product development: Say KIX! Information about OTRS fork

If you weren't aware of it until now: yes, we prepare OTRS fork. In the last years OTRS AG has been responsible for tricky community work and difficult partnership within OTRS software. It makes real innovation impossible. We will split off into KIX based on OTRS 5 with KIX4OTRS 8.

The most important facts about our OTRS fork:

  • The new service management system is called KIX.
  • KIX4OTRS is Open Source Software and KIX will continue it.
  • We plan to establish a community incl. building up a forum and partner network.
  • We will offer a migration strategy. Users of (KIX4)OTRS won't notice huge changes in the first step so that the  migration will be kept as simple as possible. 
  • If you stay with OTRS standard, we won't leave you alone with it. We help furthermore within OTRS issues.
  • We keep promises we made: published releases of KIX4OTRS will be maintained as usual. KIX4OTRS 8 fpr OTRS 5 will be  published in January 2016 and will be maintained until Dec 2018. KIX4OTRS 7.1 will be maintained until Dec 2017.

We thank you for your feedback and patience. We'll inform you about further details in the coming weeks.

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