KIX-Feature of the month: Better search

In KIX4OTRS, you have different information areas. For customer companies and customer users, you have (as agent) the quick search on the right side above the system navigation. The full text search is also available above the system navigation.

If you need some search templates regularly, then you may use the quick list of search templates which is displayed in the middle above the system navigation. Here you can find all your search templates independently which OTRS area they referring to (ticket area, CMDB area, FAQ area).

Additionally, you may subscribe search templates of your work mates. You can do it in the personal settings in the area “further settings”. If your work mate changes the search template, then also your subscribed template will be changed automatically. If you copy the original search template of your work mate, then you won't get any changes in the copied search template.

You and your work mates can also set search templates categories. You can also subscribe all templates that might be created in a specific search template category. If you don't need it anymore, you can easily deselect the subscriptions you've made.

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