Review: KIX4OTRS Customer Conference

The very first KIX4OTRS Customer Conference took place on 12th September 2013 in the Centre of Technology in Chemnitz (TCC). We enjoyed the lively encouragement towards the event and the direct, positive feedback from our customers. It shows us that definitely capeIT belongs to the leading service providers of OTRS-based solutions.

After a short welcoming speech by our managing director, Rico Barth, our Head of Support & Products, René Böhm, presented the new version of KIX4OTRS 5.1 and showed the outlook on the OTRS additional modules. Two praxis-oriented customer stories presented by our customers, Canyon Bicycles aus Koblenz and the ITM from Dresden followed and made it possible for other participants to get an idea of real operational scenarios for use of KIX4OTRS and how a specific integration within IT service management and customer management look like. Then, short lectures by our partners followed and presented the real scenarios of combining KIX4OTRS-based solutions with among all reporting, inventory or monitoring tools.

Between the lectures, the customers had enough time to exchange the project planning and realization experience with other participants. Within one session, we widely discussed the notified issues and questions with the Head of Projects, Torsten Thau, and Head of Support & Products, René Böhm. A common dinner in the centre of Chemnitz topped off the event and enabled the further discussions and exchange of experience.

The inaugural event KIX4OTRS Customer Conference with informative contents has been rated very high by our customers and partners. We thank all participants for their presence and we look forward to the event next year.

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