Release: KIX4OTRS 6.0 for OTRS 3.3 is ready to be downloaded

Since 12th February, you can download the new KIX4OTRS 6.0 in our download area.

The functions of the previous version of KIX4OTRS 5.1 were ported completely for OTRS 3.3. Some of the KIX-features that are included are: interactive CI graph for clear displaying of the CI connections within the IT landscape, hierarchical text modules that can be categorized, and search templates subscriptions.

The OTRS community module KIX4OTRS is available in our download area and at OTRS Package Archive (OPAR).

Please note that there is no further community support for KIX4OTRS 4.3 (for OTRS 3.1) due to the new KIX4OTRS version. Our customers with service contracts can still get the support for any installed version of OTRS and KIX4OTRS. 

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