Public relations: Success Stories for more than just a helpdesk for user support for internationally well-known manufacturer of wood working machines

Our customer IMA Klessmann GmbH, internationally well-known manufacturer of wood working machines, created with OTRS and KIX4OTRS more than just a helpdesk for user support. In the system, warnings and notifications from other infrastructure tools are automatically documented and proceed in KIX4OTRS. Mr Wache, the Head of System Management at IMA, wanted to have an integrated environment including monitoring tool Nagios, the central firewall system and anti-virus infrastructure software as well as opsi as SAM tool. His requirements were successfully realized with KIX4OTRS and its built-up functionalities and interfaces within the CMDB (Configuration Management Database). In the CMDB, you can see now the relationships and dependences between the single systems, objects as well as support and licence contracts.

Use of integrated CMDB within servicedesk KIX4OTRS

„This CMDB is simply genius. I am a real fan of it.” says Mr Wache. “It is a great fun to search after information you need now.”

If you wish details from the project, please contact us. We offer support and service for the OTRS systems, as well.

Article in the German COMPUTERWOCHE

Additionally, we published an article in the German COMPUTERWOCHE, where Rico Barth, our CEO, described project experiences within implementation of IT service management processing based on OTRS as software solution and extended by KIX4OTRS.

The article can be read online (in German)

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