Press release: Alternative to OTRS Business Solution

Apparently, many OTRS users are insecure through the current news of the OTRS software vendor about the new cloud-oriented OTRS Business Solution. On this occasion, we emphasize that we still provide support and service for existing and new OTRS systems. It applies for all OTRS users - independently whether they use our additional module KIX4OTRS or not.

"Due to the extreme distribution of OTRS, capeIT considers it is necessary to give an alternative to all OTRS users and to offer a professional, independent support and service for standard OTRS software" explains Rico Barth, the managing director of capeIT. "The years of success of our support and service obligate us to provide our services in the future. We will not change our offer and we will still support OTRS systems with or without KIX4OTRS. All OTRS users should have a free choice, which additional modules they would like to install in their OTRS system as extension of the standard software."

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