OTRS-Support exendable with update service and maintenance for OTRS and OTRS database

Our support includes support within configuration questions, processing of incidents and questions related to use of OTRS. We provide workarounds, bugfixes, hotfixes for the basic and additional software in case of incidents and problems. We support regular OTRS / KIX4OTRS installations. We support also more complex systems with OTRS additional modules. Service reports will be sent on requests.

Within our OTRS update service, you get automatic all released and advised updates of OTRS versions within your OTRS Major version. You can be sure that your OTRS is up to date. The software update service saves logistic and work load, and reduces cost, and gives you fix budget frames. The service window is within the service time of the chosen support package.

Additionally to support and update service you can book OTRS maintenance. Your administrators focus on the crucial issues of the basic IT infrastructure of your company and our professional team takes care about the maintenance of your application of OTRS. You keep the control over your server and you optimize the workload. We also offer maintenance for your data base management system and Linux The maintenance window is to set within the service time of the chosen support package.

Overview of the support & service for OTRS and OTRS modules

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