Summary: end-of-year review and perspectives for 2014

The approach of being one step ahead in service management with KIX4OTRS has been confirmed a lot of times for our customers and community. The newest example: the so-called Customer view for personal configuration of lists in the queue view, one of KIX4OTRS features, became a part of standard OTRS 3.3. Furthermore, we got a direct and positive feedback from our guests, who visited our very first KIX4OTRS Customer Conference in September 2013. That's why we happily look back at the year 2013.

However, we enjoy realisation of further interesting projects and development of extensions that convert our customers and community requirements in the OTRS environment. The trend to implement or to optimise an integrative service desk has been confirmed by various sources. The forecasts published by CeBIT for the year 2014 show an increase of 5% of average market volume for the consulting and system integration within IT. The interviewed managers plan to raise quotas for their IT projects. Therefore, the insight and the meaning of (IT) service management will be supported financially not only by the technical departments, but also by the management boards responsible for organisations' strategies.

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