OTRS-Additional module: KIXSeviceCatalog for flexible Service Level and Contract Management

Services and contracts can be managed with the standard OTRS. You can configure services and SLAs (with reaction and solution times). However, this matching is often not optimal for complex contract structures. The standard solution of OTRS is not flexible enough.

Our additional module KIXServiceCatalog makes easier to handle and maintain the service contracts within OTRS. The matching of services, SLAs, customer users and customer companies is flexible. In this way, you can set your service contracts the same way in the OTRS as you have it in reality. The emphasis is put on the customer (user and / or company): you set the customer-related services and customer-related SLAs. By that, you can set special, different SLAs for VIP customers and for average customers within one (customer) company. You also decide whether services and SLAs are ticket type related, if you have different SLAs for different types of tickets. You can also export the service contracts easily in Excel templates to have proper documentation also beyond OTRS.

For import and export, KIXServiceCatalog offers an easy interface. Therefore, you don't invest a lot of time to maintain your services and the connections between service-related values.

If you wish a presentation of the module or an offer, please contact us.

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