News release: KIX4OTRS 5 for servicedesk OTRS 3.2

Immediately, the new KIX4OTRS 5.0 is ready to download. The version 5.0 of the the popular additional module is compatible with OTRS OTRS 3.2.

In accordance with our release plan, the new version of KIX4OTRS contains the already known functions included in version 4.3. KIX4OTRS improves the ergonomics and integration of open source service management system based on the OTRS framework 3.2. As a result, our customers and the community can use the process management module developed by OTRS for flexible configuration of business processes. Some of KIX4OTRS funcionalities became a part of the standard OTRS core, for example, our popular Customer Information Board became the Customer Information Center.

Of course, you will get our maintained modules (CTI4KIX, InventorySync, ...) also for OTRS 3.2 and KIX4OTRS 5.0.

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