New Release: KIX4OTRS 4.2 for OTRS 3.1 available immediately

The new KIX4OTRS 4.2 is compatible with the OTRS 3.1 and immediately free to download. The security patch for the OTRS framework 3.x has been fixed for KIX4OTRS 4.0 to 4.2.

With the new version, you get the already known improvements of the user interface, quick tickets and text modules. The CMDB features – crucial for the IT service – include among all known from KIX4OTRS 4.0 possibility to display of CIs linked to one user already during the creation of a new ticket.

Additionally, you can compare all single versions of a CI with each other and see the changes between the versions. The OTRS 3.1 - specific dynamic fields replace the already known unlimited free fields of KIX4OTRS. However, the dynamic fields can be set in accordance with each other with unlimited depth and they are displayed as a neatly arranged tree in the Admin-GUI. For the agents, dynamic fields (up to KIX4OTRS 4.1: free fields) will be displayed in a new tab in the ticket view.

OTRS can be extended flexibly in the package manager. Many of our additional modules, we have been publishing as free community modules in our download area. Additionally, we offer modules that support the service processes within business area. Their maintenance includes free updates.

If you wish a presentation of the new KIX4OTRS version or additional modules or if you need support within upgrade or expansion of your system, please contact us. We offer support and service for the OTRS systems, as well.

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