KIX4OTRS-Feature of the month: text modules and ticket templates

The free and open source development KIX4OTRS as additional, extended package for OTRS offers many features that make the daily work easier. Text modules are predefined text templates that can be insert in every text field (while creating and proceeding a ticket) and you can combine them with each other freely. You can enable them for agent or customer interface and limit their displaying in accordance to queue, ticket type and ticket state. Therefore, your agents will have text templates tailored to the processing stage and area. You unify the answers or notes that your agents document in the system.

Creating a ticket can be simplified by using ticket templates. You predefine a template and set values as ticket type, ticket state, subject, text area, priority and selection to queue. Any needed change of predefined settings can be made manually by agents any time. Your agents can use ticket templates for creating standard requests and it saves up their proceeding time. Additionally, you support and unify ticket creating process.

KIX4OTRS... Be one step ahed in service!

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