KIX4OTRS-Feature of the month: Marking as "ToDo"

Nobody likes it, but everybody knows it: the tickets with endless number of articles. There you collect different information related to current projects, meetings or orders. The information you need is included in different ticket articles. If you wish to mark such ticket articles, you can do it with KIX4OTRS.

In KIX4TRS, you have the article function "mark as", f.e. ToDo or important. It's a dropdown list for individual marks (configurable which one in specific). All tickets you marked in a special way appear in the according ticket list. The marking can be also set as column in the queue view. For the OTRS, your marking is chaotic, but not for you. In this way, you keep the list of all relevant ticket articles you need. If the mark isn't needed anymore, you can easily delete the mark. The marked ticket articles are just seen by you and nobody else.

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