Additional module: KIXTemplateWorkflows

OTRS-IntegrationsmoduleThe maintenance module KIXTemplateWorkflows makes it possible to start standard processes including subtasks by using a ticket template. When a service agent choses a ticket template, a main task with subtasks will be created automatically with ticket creation.the dependencies between tasks will be recognized as set in the ticket workflow template.

Such functionality is often used in the scenario of getting a new employee, when many different departments, among all IT, Human Resources, Facility Management, get various tasks and have to finish them while being coordinated by the service. The main task is documented as a ticket and the departments get their subtasks as single orders to work up them separately. The subtasks are displayed in the main task ticket on the sidebar. Therefore, the service has the best overview about the current processing state. First when all subtasks are finished, the main task will be closed.

The configuration is available in the special area in the admin GUI called “Ticket Template Workflows”

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