Client management tool opsi, servicedesk KIX4OTRS and monitoring software Nagios grow together

New additional modules integrate deeper opsi, Nagios and KIX4OTRS. PC and server management for Windows gets easy and straight. You see all relevant IT data with few clicks.

Mostly in the area of SMB organisations, the pressure of cost drivers and keeping the stable level of quality towards the end customers are usual problems. We, the c.a.p.e. IT GmbH, and our partner, uib GmbH, follow the common strategy within service management: we decrease cost drivers and increase the data transparency. We achieve these goals through the extended, intelligent interfaces between the software management system opsi, service management tool KIX4OTRS and monitoring solutions like Nagios. Due to the requirements based on real needs, we extend and optimise existing functions as well as add new functions to the existing solutions.

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