Additional modules: Anonymization in OTRS

Mostly public organizations are forced to keep the content of their tickets, but delete some ticket information related to ticket owner or customer. Sometimes, even further data have to be deleted or anonymised. For such requirements, we've developed and maintain the module „KIXTicketAnonymization“.

You configure the automatism which triggers deleting of defined information for tickets older than X months and in the ticket state "closed". The administration offers to configure among all defined parameters which should be anonymised like TicketType, TicketState, TicketOwner. More over, you can limit the anonymisation to a specific customer data backend, if you integrated more customer data sources.

The anonymisation can be related to agent data or customer data. Of course, it can be combined. The history will show the fact of anonymisation also.

Beware: if the customer user (end customer) will be anonymised, then (s)he won't be able to see in self service portal own tickets which have been anonymised.

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