KIX4OTRS 6.0 for OTRS 3.3 is available to download

From now, you can download and install the new version of KIX4OTRS (6.0) - the most extended additional community module for OTRS. The established functions of the previous version KIX4OTRS 5.1 were ported completely for the current OTRS 3.3. As established KIX-features can be named among all the interactive CI graph for the clear displaying and connecting of CIs within the CMDB, hierarchical text modules for better and faster documentation during ticket creation and edition as well as subscriptions for central search templates for different service teams.

The OTRS community module KIX4OTRS is available in the download area of the c.a.p.e. IT and at the well-known OTRS Package Archive (OPAR). It can be installed via OTRS package manager and therefore, the module is completely compatible with the OTRS standard.

Due to the current development of KIX4OTRS 6.x, the community support for KIX4OTRS version 4.3 (for OTRS 3.1) expires. The support conditions from the valid support contracts are still binding for our customers, independently from the KIX4OTRS version.

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