Additional maintained module: KIXServiceCatalog

In the OTRS standard, the SLAs can be matched to services and services can be matched to a customer user. If there is a service with different SLAs for VIP-users (including different reaction and solution times), then a service agent has to set the correct matching while ticket creating or processing, because OTRS shows all possible SLAs after choosing a service for the customer user. The contract differences will not be recognized by the system.

Our additional module, KIXServiceCatalog, breaks the loophole and displays the correct contract obligations. Service contracts will be matched with relevant SLAs for defined ticket types (Incidents, RfCs,...) and for defined user groups. In this way, you can set individual contract obligations in OTRS-based system. The maintained module includes a CSV interface and you can import and export data easily, which makes the complex and time-robbing matching of services and SLAs easier.

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