Additional module: Widespread Incident in OTRS

The basic scenario is known to every helpdesk agent: a monitoring system reports a breakdown of a central router and shorty afterwards, stunned users call and report what is already known to the IT team. Naturally, every call will be documented, because every user expects an answer. However, the processing of the widespread incident takes place in another area of OTRS. Due to the additional module KIXWideSpreadIncident, processing of such scenarios gets significantly easier.

Reported incidents by users can be linked with the coordination (widespread) ticket with one click. All activities from the coordination ticket that are directed externally (for example outgoing emails) will be automatically taken over to the single, linked incident reports. The IT team proceeds only the coordination ticket independently from the amount of single reported incidents. Closing the coordination ticket closes also all linked single incident tickets. The procedure makes it easier to complete the task and every user gets an answer to own report.

If there is no open widespread incident, then it can be easily created as a ticket with the ticket type “widespread incident”.

Read more about the module and look at the screenshots here.

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