Ticket- and article-related booking of working times in KIX Professional

Servicetime while working on a ticket is directly booked onto the ticket. Booked times can be seen and edited in the tab timeaccounting. Additionally you can configurate your booking on cost center accounting, service and/or project contracts or on different business locations. Due to the deposit of fix budgets your serivce agents can see how much of the customers budget ist still available. This information can also be shown in your customer information center or in your dashboard.

  • Extended ticket-related and article-related booking of working times in a ticket tab.
  • Booked time efforts can document external service time, even without creating any article in a ticket view; booked time efforts and their matching (for example towards cost drivers) can be edited afterwards.
  • Configurable booking of cost drivers, projects and working packages (up to 4 levels) including setting of a fix budget are possible.
  • Easy overview through displaying of customers budgets (company) in the customer information board.
  • Export of the booked service units into accounting / ERP possible

This additional module is charged and available for KIX Professional users.

Common Use Case

  • Your ERP contains the service contracs of your customers which shows their monthly hourly quota. These data will be synchronized and configurated for your time accounting directly from your ERP through KIX Professional.
  • Your service agent can: capture his working time directly on the ticket, see the still available budget and let the customer sign his performance record.
  • There is an automatically export of all performance records into your ERP weekly – the easy way for billing.