Maintenance and servicing - keeping one eye on regular maintenance terms and legal guidelines

Maintenance and servicing is used for taking care about your technical equipment for the long term. The KIX Professional module supports the maintenance schedule ad documentation for the periodic and (critical) threshold servicing.

The maintenance schedule allows to configure servicing terms centrally as periodic or critical threshold events. Every maintenance schedule allows to set templates for check lists, working groups / servicing teams via configuration. A single (technical) item or tool can be matched with the relevant servicing event easily (example: for servicing of items on a weekly basis). Based on the configured maintenance or servicing events, the system creates relevant maintenance or servicing tasks for the equipment and teams automatically.

Service processing for your IT, technical equipment, industry plant (parts) runs well-structured and automatically. Service technicians are coordinated centrally and efficiently. You minimize the downtimes of your (technical) tools and machines as well as time and cost through the planned and event-based maintenance and servicing schedule. You also get a complete documentation of the maintenance and servicing process, which may help you within regular certification frames (ISO, TüV). Requests, incidents, maintenance and servicing related to your equipment are documented and linked in one system.

This additional module is charged and available for KIX Professional users. In KIX Professional MRO it is included.

Function range

  • Maintenance schedules for single and periodic maintaining and servicing works (according the configured meter reading criteria or mileage criteria or criteria for operating hours meter)

  • planning and documentation of periodic routine maintenance work or predictive maintenance work (through integration with monitoring systems) and also incident-based maintenance work 

  • mileage or runtime monitoring of maintaining or servicing orders for external or internal customers (including automatic creation of upcoming tasks related to planned expiration of contract in sales department or repurchases / partners)

  • continuous and paper-free documentation of maintaining and servicing orders 

  • documentation of working time, the maintenance effortand the interference suppression time including effort for replacement part(s) possible 

  • unified forms for maintenance documentation 

  • every maintenance schedule can be configured separately with own templates, check lists, working groups or maintaining contracts

  • the system creates the relevant maintaining orders for the equipment and team automatically

  • overview of appointments / events through displaying of maintaining orders in a calendar

  • forecast for next maintenance or service work and documentation within information about tool / technical component

Application range

The maintenance schedule is especially suitable for organisations and companies that

  • provide technical maintaining and servicing work internally and externally for customers and partners

  • provide IT services internally or for customers & partners 

  • are audited periodically or aim at certification within service environment


Relevant branches:

  • IT / telecommunication: system houses, Managed Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers, City Carrier

  • Public institutions: IT departments of local and state administration, public IT service providers 

  • Industry: manufacturers, including plant manufacturers

  • Transport / logistics: IT departments, building service departments, technical service teams

  • Health care / medical services: IT departments in hospitals, service departments for medical device technology, building service departments

  • Energy and energy technology: IT departments, technical service teams