Easy presentation of praxis-relevant KPI data from KIX Professional in a dashboard

The module offers creation of management-friendly reports based on KIX Professional data and using the MS Office environment. It saves time and simplifies extraordinarily the compilation of needed reports. You can use the graphic presentation of praxis-oriented KPI from KIX Professional within a pre-defined dashboard and you will stay within the familiar Office environment.

  • Easy way to present praxis-relevant KPI data from KIX Professional in a dashboard.
  • The well-known Microsoft Office environment can be used.
  • Finally management-oriented KIX Professional reporting is possible.

This additional module is charged and available for KIX Professional users.

Common Use Case

  • The management board needs specific reports at every 1st of the month, the reports should be already shown as graphics.
  • Your service customers should get a nice overview of their contract conditions (fulfilling the SLAs, use of commissioned services, etc.). It can be quickly created by changing the report info into a pdf document.