KIX Connect – No system is an island

The data exchange between different information systems is required again and again in everyday service. The KIXConnect add-on enhances KIX's core functionality for users, as KIX Connect not only lets KIX Connect use data from other systems, such as Jira from Atlassian, but also makes KIX Connect the creator of data for its systems.

KIX alone acts as a kind of power grid for the users, which data in KIX flows into. The add-on module now turns the electricity grid into a power plant, since it can now generate and deliver data itself, which can boost the efficiency of other systems.

For example, a status change in your KIX causes a ticket to be created in another system. If a fault in service management emerges as a software bug, an error report can be created directly in Jira. KIX Connect displays the current processing status in the Jira to the service employee and makes it possible to pass on further information to the software development.

In combination with the GenericInterface, maintenance or service requests between different systems can be efficiently exchanged and resolved faster for the user.

Custom-made configuration options ensure that your system runs stably and can be individually adapted to the requirements of your business processes.



Providing interfaces (backends) for data exchange with third-party systems. For this web services are provided, which are largely preconfigured.

Backend 1: KIX2JIRA (API version 2.0)

  • Creating Jira Issue when creating a ticket
  • Create a comment on a existing Jira issue at article creation
  • Attach files to an existing Jira issue when creating an article

Backend 2: KIX2KIX

  • Creation of an external ticket when the ticket is created
  • Creation of articles to external ticket during article creation including attachments

Backend 3: KIX2i-doit (recommended i-doit version: 12.x)

  • Currently, CI data from i-doit is displayed in real time in KIX Professional and can be assigned to tickets
  • The presentation of the CI info data takes place in the KIX sidebar, which can be used both in the agent frontend and in the customer frontend.
  • All information of the CIs remain in the i-doit, since KIX Professional accesses only over links.

Data display for backend 1 and backend 2:
A visualization of the data from the external backends can be implemented via the KIX sidebar.