Kanban-Board for fast dispatching of tickets

A Kanban board is a form of further development of a post-it-wall: a task is described on a post-it, a post-it goes into a right column in dependance of the processing state of the task. It works the same way in KIXProfessional with the Kanban board.

In KIX Professional, it works with tickets, which can be organized within the virtual Kanban board. The ticket creation process doesn't change. However, the way of displaying and matching of tickets improves highly. You can set individual organisation and project structures and shift tickets in 4 basic groups according to their processing state. In the Kanban board, you can also move tickets between the groups with the mouse.

  • Fast and individual matching of tickets to single service agents is possible.
  • A wide range of settings allow to define many Kanban views, which can be displayed anytime without any change of the system configuration.
  • No need to use of a traditional post-it-wall.

This additional module is charged and available for KIX Professional users.

Common Use Case

  • You can match tickets to a service agent, which is important for among all team leaders and dispatchers. They can easily organise and check the capacities of their teams and quickly change the ticket owners, if some agents are already fully stretched.