Seamless connection between ITSM and security management

According to the federal office for secure communication technology (BSI) IT security management and IT service have to merge. With our IT Baseline Protection modul we offer a seamless connection between ISMS tool and KIX Professional.

  • Synchronisation of IT-assets into the baseline protection model within security management
  • Planning and reporting of the protective measures in the ISMS by the IT security officer
  • Assignment of measures to be implemented to the IT department and synchronization of tasks in the IT service system KIX Professional
  • Central coordination and monitoring of the implementation of measures in the KIX Professional including automatic status synchronisation to the ISMS
  • ISMS-Tool backend verinice (SerNet) inclusive
  • verification of complete and updated technical documentation for security audits (requirements of BSI)

This add-on will be released in April 2018.