Efficient interference suppression and maintenance within premises and technical field service

Field Service is the most innovative module for administration, planning and processing of orders / work developed by us. The module optimizes all processing steps starting with dispatching of orders and up to final documentation of finished work. The advantages are better coordination, overview and efficient processing of external orders. The focus is set on centrally controlled service teams in combination with the intuitive, offline available field service application. Therefore, the main processes in the technical external service is supported optimally. You will save cost and money, when you get the complete documentation and therefore a real support for the periodic certification (ISO, TÜV - German Association for Technical Inspection, British MOT).

In the clearly arranged kanban board, the chief of repair and assembling shop or dispatcher puts together the tours for the service technicians centrally (order, item or tool information, manuals from the knowledge base). The technician starts the tour and takes the relevant, complementary orders on a mobile device. Independently from the good or poor signal, the technician is able to handle order after order: the technician suppresses the local IT components, reads the meter, works on repair orders, maintains technical equipment like elevators or heating system. A local contact person signs the finished order. At the end of the shift, the technician syncs the orders he got from the dispatcher with the current system and the system gets the new data. To guarantee the security and data privacy, encryption with different factors is used.

This additional module is charged and available for KIX Professional users. In KIX Professional MRO it is included.

Function range

  • clear and easy overview within the kanban board

  • creation of maps for orders or reported incidents that are distributed regionally and direct integration in the kanban board

  • creation and central administration of tours for service teams and single technicians 

  • displaying of open tours on relevant places within the system (examples: kanban board, tickets, tool or item information, knowledge base)

  • mapping of orders, equipment and knowledge base items per drag & drop

  • intuitive field service application for Android based smart phones and tablets (examples: Cat, Samsung, Aokvic, Blackview) including check lists

  • online and offline use of the service field app possible (examples: in basements, factory halls, external outbuildings without or with poor signal)

  • extensive encryption of all application data

  • marking of orders that are locked for processing within the field service 

  • continuous and paper-free documentation of maintaining and servicing orders 

  • documentation of working time and the maintenance effort including the signature of a customer

Application range

The field service module and field service application are especially suitable for organisations and companies that

  • provide technical maintaining and servicing work externally for customers and partners

  • provide IT services externally for own purposes or for customers & partners 

  • perform service orders in areas and outbuildings that have poor or no signal


Relevant branches:

  • IT / telecommunication:system houses, City Carrier

  • Industry: manufacturers, including plant manufacturers

  • Transport / logistics: IT departments, building service departments, technical service teams

  • Health care / medical services: IT departments in hospitals, service departments for medical device technology, building service departments

  • Energy and energy technology: IT departments, technical service teams