Handling of incoming and outgoing calls in KIX Professional

Through the integration of your phone system your agents can check easily and clearly who is calling. They can also do phone calls while working on a ticket with just one click in KIX Professional. This is an easy way to communicate and it saves money. Your agents have additionally the possibility (if they are entitled) to see the connection between calls and ticket. So you can check your service latency easily.

  • Integrated handling of incoming and outgoing calls in KIX Professional is possible.
  • Service agents get directly matched customer data displayed in a ticket.
  • Outgoing calls can be started directly in KIX Professional via an integrated telephone system.
  • Clear and filtering-able displaying of the documented calls in the CTI-management-interface is possible.

This additional module is charged and available for KIX Professional users.

Common use case

  • Your Service worker get a lot of calls from customers who are already saved in your customer database. Through phone number recognition the caller gets automatically assigned to the ticket input mask. Advantage: For the customer there is no need to spell his name.
  • Your service worker need to call a customer quite often. He can start a phone call directly out of KIX without any time delay.