Extended configuration options for anonymisation of data

The anonymisation starts automatically for tickets that are older that x months and which are already in the ticket state "closed". KIX Professional admins have many options to set criteria for anonymisation of tickets. The anonymisation can affect agent-oriented and customer-oriented data and you can combine the set of relevant data as well. The defined data will be anonymised also in the ticket history.

Warning: If the data of a customer user (= end customer) will be anonymised, then the relevant tickets won't be displayed in the self-service anymore.

  • Automatic anonymisation of tickets that are older than x months and in the ticket state "closed" (the amount of months is configurable) is possible.
  • A wide set of configuration options for data that should be anonymised (among all ticket types, ticket states, ticket parameter as ticket owner) is available.
  • Additional limitation to a specific customer data backend is possible.

This additional module is charged and available for KIX Professional users.

Common Use Case

  • Mostly public organisations are obligated due to some guidelines to keep the content of requests, but to delete some specific data after a defined amount of time. Often, the customer data should be deleted, sometimes also agent data (who has been processing ticket) should be deleted, but the content of a request should be saved as source of knowlegde how cases were solved.