Installation Guide

Before you install KIX, first check the compatibility matrix in the download section.


The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to install KIX on Windows:

  • Windows Server 2012R2 or higher is necessary.

  • MSSQL Server 2012 or higher is necessary.
  • Prepare the MSSQL server as follows: 
    • SQL Server Authentication must be activated
    • SQL Server must be accessible via TCP port
    • a KIX database user must exist
    • an empty database for KIX must exist
    • the KIX database user must have DDL permission for this database in order to create new objects

      Please ensure that your MSSQL server is properly licensed.

  • ActivePerl 5.22 (32 oder 64 bit) must be installed on the server system. For further information on the product as well as for purchasing the license, please contact ActiveState.

  • Current Windows Server versions no longer have an activated .Net Framework 3.5.
    This framework must be added manually according to the Microsoft documentation
  • Microsoft ODBC driver 13.x for MSSQL Server must be installed on the server system.

  • The Server requires an internet connection during the installation in order to download and install necessary perl modules

1. Download KIX Installer

Download the installer from our KIXDesk repository.

2. Install KIX

Start the downloaded installer. You will be guided through the installation process.
After the installation, two new Windows services are available:

  • KIX
  • KIX Daemon

A log file of the installation (the content in the log window of the installer) can be found in var/log of the KIX installation.

3. use KIX

After the installation KIX can be used right away. There is no need to execute the Using one of the supported web browsers (see Compatibility Matrix), the system can be accessed via "<FQDN>:<Port>/kix/". For the first login, please use the pre-configured administrator user "root@localhost" (password "root").

The user interface for the service staff can be reached via the following URL : "<Server Name>:<Port>/kix/ ". The self-service portal for users and customers is usable via "<Server Name>:<Port>/kix/ ".

Important note:

Securing KIX via SSL-Connection

After the installation using the Windows installer, a connection is currently only possible via HTTP by default. If an SSL-encrypted connection is to be implemented for KIX, please use an SSL endpoint, which is switched before the application. For this purpose, an IIS or a separate SSL appliance can be used, for example. Follow the respective manufacturer-specific documentation for such a configuration.

Restrictions in the Generic Interface

An XSLT mapping does not work with a Windows installation of KIX in the Generic Interface because the LibXSLT is not available for Windows. For more information, see ActiveState.