OPEN! 2017

Conference for digital innovation

On 6 December, experts from the cultural and creative industries, art, science and politics will explore the question of an open culture in times of artificial intelligence. The topics discussed will not be lines of code or implementation. Instead, the event will be about how AI can be integrated openly and transparently into culture, business and society.

We support the event as a partner and show you, live and on the spot, how our software can make your IT service more transparent and cooperative.

The opening presentations of OPEN! Will be given by philosopher and author Richard David Precht and scientist Dirk Helbing from ETH Zurich. Martina Mara, media psychologist in the field of RoboPsychology at the Ars Electronica Futurelab in Linz has agreed to give the closing presentation.

Selected Topics

  • AI & work: Which jobs will robots take? Who will have a job until retirement?
  • Do we need to discuss AI on an ethical level?
  • Do machines have a concept of morality?

When and where

  • When: 06/12/2017
  • Where: GENO-Haus, Stuttgart

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