5th User conference 2017

The 5th conference for KIX users took place in 2017.

Participants anticipated exciting topics related to the versatile KIX service software.

On 8 November, users gave entertaining talks about their use of the software and presented various scenarios and integration options.
For the first time, our development team presented the innovations planned for 2018 to the very interested audience.

In the World Café, attendees discussed particularly burning issues in various application areas. These issues were then successfully analysed in small groups and discussed with the development and sales team.

The communal dinner in the special atmosphere of the schönherr.fabrik gave plenty of opportunity to network and relax after this informative day.

On 9 November, administrators were able to successfully consolidate their expertise or refresh existing knowledge in compact workshops.

Our sales professionals showed in detail which extensions are possible for KIX/KIX Professional 2017 and the resulting possibilities for each business.

Download presentation slides for the 2017 user conference

Karsten Veers, Uni Flensburg

KIX for enterprise environments with OpenShift
Holger Koch, DB Systel GmbH

KIX – current status and preview of 2018
Silke Sünder & René Böhm, cape IT

4x KIX for Hubert Burda Media (at least)
Norbert Geisenberger, Hubert Burda Media

KIX4OTRS in the Darmstadt University of Technology Data Centre
Bettina Mader, TU Darmstadt

KIX-powered management system in a data centre
Oliver Hintzsche, axilaris GmbH

Thanks to all participants for the lively exchange. We are looking forward to the 2018 User Conference and hope you will be there again.

Are you interested in participating in 2018?
Write to: konferenz@cape-it.de

Are you a KIX user who would like to present your experiences to a selected audience?
Write to: pr@cape-it.de

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