Bitkom Open Source Forum 2017


On June 20, the 4th Open Source Forum once again successfully united specialists and technology experts with those responsible for open source.
More than 80 participants took advantage of the event to exchange experiences with experts and decision-makers. Top-class lectures and stimulating discussions tackled current topics from industry, medium-sized businesses, politics and science in detail.
In addition to Univention, Netways/Icinga and Nextcloud, many friends, acquaintances and partners from the open source field were present and were very happy with the outcome of the event.

Important topics included:

  • What were the internal and external triggers for and problems with forks – using the examples of Icinga (Nagios), KIX (OTRS) and NextCloud (ownCloud) – and how did the forks work out?
  • Use of artificial intelligence including the loss of importance of GPL compared to MIT in the initial question “Which open source licence should I use for a new project?”
  • Why is open source doing so well as mission-critical software?

When and where

When: 20. June 2017
Berlin, Studio Admiralspalast

Our presentation

Rico Barth (c.a.p.e. IT GmbH),
Bernd Erk (Netways GmbH) and
Frank Karlitschek (Nextcloud GmbH)

Thema: Forks – the survival guarantee for free software
In the field of open source, forks are a suitable opportunity for taking over an existing project, building separately on the existing basis and independently developing it further.
In a joint lecture, Rico Barth, Bernd Erk and Frank Karlitschek explained the different stories, reasons and considerations that led to their forks, and which challenges had to be overcome.

Location: Berlin

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