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Technical service includes all services that are relevant for durable security and use of purchased technical items (machines and its components), among all services like installation, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul.

Next to the technical issues, also overheads play a big role in technical service, for example in case of machine failure within a mass production process. Companies deal not only with repair cost or new purchase cost during a machine failure, but also costs of loss of production while the production line stays still. Adherence to delivery date and keeping the product quality play immense role.

The today's MRO foresees two main strategies: repair after machine failure and planned maintenance. Both strategies require a coordinated service management system. Such servicedesk processes reports about defects and/or incidents of equipment (parts). Documentation and processing of orders are structured and understandable to everyone. A company will be also reminded about upcoming maintenance of its devices or machine components.

easy to foresee

An important part of technical service are preventive remedies for minimizing of failure risk. Example: inspections and maintenance of equipment. Beyond it, companies set also on strategies based on different criteria like mileages in case of wearing parts – they will be maintain in fixed time periods.

Experience value shows that preventive remedies reduce cost immensely. In case of implementation of maintenance concept, following goals are set in view of productivity:

  • less machine standstill within production time
  • short times for maintenance of machines
  • minor impact on machine standstill within flow of production

To achieve these goals, it is not enough to define maintenance plan or to make inspections regularly. A company's profitability requires also a fluent supply of replacement parts. If you take into account experience value based on - for example - frequency of purchase, and if you keep the data in your service management system, then your purchase management processes automatically.