Professional software for your IT service

IT Service-Management (ITSM) is a part of service management and is focussed on processing and technology considering end users. It is essential for a good running IT infrastructure with all required IT services.

Companies are confronted with changes of market conditions. These changes have to be supported by relevant IT processing. The classical service management supports companies to achieve following goals:

  • reduction of costs
  • faster response
  • efficient reaction towards changes
  • improvement of customer satisfaction level

Particularly bigger companies with decentralized infrastructures need a solution for IT service management. Smaller and middle-sized companies also make use of ITSM. The right servicedesk is a central point of contact and pivotal point of communication. It's an important interface between IT department and users of IT services. At the same time, servicedesk controls a trouble-free processing of internal IT services efficiently and transparently, and it reduces the cumulative costs and improves the success of a company.

Individual customizing for any requirement

Requirements of a company towards own IT service are specific. Based on experience, the IT service includes working processes, requests of users and management of devices. All data that are relevant for these aspects have to be available in a central service management system. It allows a high level of integration of single processing. It's better to manage one servicedesk than a bundle of single modules or systems.

Everyone finds here own tasks whether it is management of working stations, central management of printers, update of software company-wide, monitoring of network, applications and servers. Servicedesk can also include tasks for (financial) controlling and ERP.