Smart Maintenance - Added value through technical service

Previously separate areas such as production, technical maintenance and IT are growing together through the use of powerful software, fundamentally changing the way in which they are produced.

With a successfully implemented case of application, we provide you with the first concrete approaches that can be easily adapted to your industry and your requirements. Perhaps these approaches can help you initiate a gradual entry into the digital age.

An easily adaptable example

An automated spindle press is equipped with sensors e.g. equipped for the number of strokes. The sensor data is stored in a database, kept up to date and made available to subsequent processes. Analysis software generates necessary reports based on this and correlates the data used for predictive maintenance. The connected service system processes the information from the machine in such a way that it generates, documents and allocates and optimizes the tasks for troubleshooting, maintenance and servicing.

Achieve digitization with service software

The basis for a purposal start in Industry 4.0 is to be able to record information in a targeted manner, analyze it and bring it into the right context. Linking data with each other, with the business management level and with all stages of the value chain outside of your own company, offers new possibilities for future-oriented production and services based on it.

Software helps to digitize, visualize and make more efficient processes and structures more complex. This makes it easier to intervene in existing processes, react faster and be able to act more actively. Predictive maintenance is just one example of the many options available for Industry 4.0 applications.

As an open source application our software integrates seamlessly into the existing system landscape, can be implemented quickly and without risk and can be easily adapted to the respective requirements by configuration.

Your entry into Industry 4.0 with c.a.p.e

We would be happy to discuss with you which options for entry into Industry 4.0 would be possible with the help of our service software. We support you in choosing the right tools and partners for your needs.

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