KIX Release 18.27


KIX 18.27


The current release of our service software KIX offers further performance and quality improvements. Special highlights are the new add-on "ITIL Practices" for all On Prem instances, improved PDF printing of tickets, the possibility of Single Sign On for the Self Service Portal as well as improvements for all LDAP & Active Directory connections.

New KIX Add-On "ITIL Practices"

With the provision of KIX version 18v27, the add-on "ITIL Practices" is also available for on premise installations.

The add-on enables ITIL®-compliant work and supports a total of 15 certified ITIL® 4 practices.

It contains specific configurations that build on KIX Pro functionalities throughout. These include in particular actions, templates, automatisms, master data, reports and form fields.

›› You can find detailed information on this in the KIX Forum.

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Improved PDF Printing of Tickets

The current release introduces a new approach to PDF printing of tickets (and other objects in the future). From now on, the creation of extensive ticket content as a PDF file is possible without using the browser print function.

Possible application scenarios are the creation and sending of invoices, work or service reports, ticket closings or, in connection with webhooks, also the archiving of ticket processes as PDF in document management systems.

›› You can find detailed information on this in the KIX Forum.

Kerberos Single Sign On now also for the Self Service Portal

The already provided configuration for Single Sign On via Kerberos can now also be used for the Self Service Portal 1.

The configuration must be done according to the administrator manual. It does not differ from the use in the authentication backend for agents or is already included in it.

›› Detailed information on this can be found in the KIX documentation.


The connection of LDAP or Active Directory as a directory service for authentication, authorisation and as a data source has been improved in several ways:

  • Set/reset multiple organisation mapping.
  • Test run usage and extended group filtering
  • Simplified context of use mapping

›› Detailed information on this can be found in the KIX Forum.


UI/UX display ticket/contact details: 

  • The display of details on tickets, contacts, organisations or FAQ entries is now displayed in columns with a fixed width and left-aligned. However, as there are values that should sensibly be displayed in larger widths, their display can be extended over several columns with the parameter "detailViewWidthFactor". 
  • Ticket details now always show the lock status. Ticket processor and responsible person are only displayed if there is an actual assignment to a user. This makes it easier to see if and who is working on or responsible for a process.


  • Notification Configuration
    • The checkbox to opt-in to a notification facility is now inactive by default. This means that notifications are always delivered to agents without explicit opt-in - even without the agent user having to book this in their personal settings.
    • The default ticket number generator "Date-Time-Checksum" can also generate shorter numbers if required. The setting must be made in the SysConfig.
  • Configuration of ticket templates and actions
    • Communication channel-dependent input fields such as "To", "Cc" can now also be defined in templates/actions without preselecting a channel. This allows for more flexible configurations independent of the communication channel to be used in the end. 

Migration KIX17 to KIX18:

  • The migration now also retains the SLA fulfilment times of migrated tickets.
  • The migration uses a maximum number of workers. This is defined by the environment parameter "MIGRATION_MAX_WORKERS". If no specification is made, "2" is assumed. 

›› Detailed information on this can be found in the KIX-Forum.


Ticket templates and actions that previously did not specify a channel must be supplemented with a channel selection if, for example, the note is to be preselected during ticket creation. 

Due to numerous queries, the previously known attribute "ticket age" will be dropped in the future. To search for tickets with a certain age, the relative search based on the creation date/time can be used. 

Complete feature list

A detailed documentation of all new features and the fixed bugs from KIX18.27 can be found in the KIX forum. There you can also send us your questions, hints or ideas about KIX at any time.


In version KIX 18.28, among other things, the Self Service Portal 2 is made available for getting to know. In addition, we continue to work on performance improvements through "pagination" in connection with a simplified authorisation concept.


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